Chiang Mai Community
International School Project

Looking for a better education alternative for our kids in Chiang Mai.

We are parents of three primary aged, soon to be secondary, children. In common with some other parents, we are disillusioned with the international education options available in Chiang Mai.

We are looking for a better alternative and setting up a community school focused on the needs of children, not profit.

We believe a community school should offer a mutually supportive environment where children develop essential academic skills and a lifelong love of learning. At the same time, we want a school that encourages children in their passions, fills them with confidence and helps them develop them as fully rounded individuals.

We envisage following the Cambridge International Curriculum for secondary education encompassing IGCSEs and eventually A Levels. At the same time, we believe that creative and project-based work brings out the best in children, helping them apply their academic learning to the world. We want to encourage creativity, critical thinking and an entrepreneurial approach.

At primary level, we understand the need for a solid academic foundation but believe it is equally important for children to discover their own path through creativity and exploration.

We are not educators; we intend that professional teachers will make academic decisions within the guidelines set out by the school’s governing body.

We do not believe in education-for-profit, and surplus funds should always be invested back into the school. We intend to write this into the school’s governing documents with openness, transparency and internationally recognised best practices.

If you want to learn more about our views on education, please watch this video.

In August, we opened a home school cooperative with families that share our core values. We currently offer education for children aged 6 to 12 and are working towards opening an international school as soon as practically possible.

If this project interests your family, please complete the simple form linked below or contact us at the link below.

Chas and Rachel Begley

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